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 Is an advanced modern surgical technique that is boon for surgery patients with its many has actually changed the complete outlook where even a simple surgical procedure will involve cut and open traditional technique increasing the infection risks, more blood loss , longer recovery,and other surgical complications. with the advancement in medical science more and more computer and robot assisted surgical techniques such as laparoscopy are being used by surgeons to perform operations like gall stone surgeries, hernia, appendix etc. we have highly specialised department that offers latest technology, operation techniques and helps in curing various diseases like surgery of gall bladder stones, appendix, gut surgery. We have advanced technology for various other surgeries also like as gut surgery, ovarian cystectomy and ectopic pregnancy. we have trained doctors for anesthesia.

Advantages of laparoscopy


  • minimum blood loss
  • small scars
  • reduced infection risk
  • short recovery period